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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week of May 18 through May 23, 2015 with Dave Johnson Online

Week of May 16 through May 23, 2015 with Dave Johnson Online

Per Dave's Email: 

Hi Everyone,

Nikken 2.0 coupled with “YOU 2.0” can place you in position for the possibility of exponential greater result!

Reid Nelson resoundingly endorses The Energy Bus, this is a book that can change everything!  Please take a look at notes I took from and interview with the author, Jon Gordon:

* * *  Saturday Morning, May 16, 2015  * * *

Do you know anyone interested in how to use NIKKEN nutritional products?  Ron D’Amico knows his stuff – and will share some great insights this Saturday Morning at 8:00 am pacific.  218-548-3988, Meeting ID: 83854#

* * * Monday Morning, May 18, 2015  * * *
Ben Woodward will inaugurate something exciting…Ben will help you kick off your week properly with a coaching call at 8:00 PDT every Monday!!! Call:  218-548-3988, Meeting ID: 83854#

 * * * Tuesday Evening, May 19, 2015 * * *

A whole plethora of leaders will be on a web conference highlighting Salt Lake City’s upcoming BIG EVENT!  We will discuss how to use events to grow your business.  Rick Worre has stated “the highest paying activity is getting people to Big Events – This is where duplication lives!”

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Or join by phone:  (415) 762-9988  - Webinar ID: 899 711 744 (a flyer of this event is posted at

* * * Wednesday Evening, May 20, 2015 * * *
 Arguably Gary Lindner, PHD does the most compelling and credible PowerPoint  presentation in all of NIKKEN,  I highly recommend that you invite anyone who is interested in health to watch Gary!!!  May 20th  - 6:00 PM Pacific

Or join from a dial-in phone:  (415) 762-9988    Webinar ID: 347 961 612

* * * * * *
And the latest on the “Second World Convention of 2015”…
Early bird ticketing for the Nikken International Field Convention Ends May 31- and the awesome news is we are already close to 1,000 tickets sold!  We have more coming in the first 7 weeks than all of last year, and the International markets are just now getting the word- that is the power of Nikken 2.0! 

This will be the largest event of the 2015 year and the event, product launches (the amazing technologies being launched are worth the trip alone), recognition of excellence and recognition of the FIRST Team Kaizen/Taishi, vision, inspiration and fellowship will be HUGE!  Nikken Inc is ALL IN to make this an unbelievable experience.  We will add to that the fun atmosphere of the San Antonio River Walk and a super fun Saturday Night Party.  
You will also see a BIG focus this year on NEW FACES and leaders leading Nikken 2.0 into the future.  We will not just talk of the leaders of the future you will see them, and be among them- and most certainly be one of them!  In short, this will be an event like you have never seen in Nikken and we could not be more excited to share it with you. 

That said, be sure to get your tickets, especially the "5 blocks" so your personal tickets are free before they are gone.  We are going to decide at the end of early bird if there will be any more offered after that. 

Also please note, by request of President Ben Woodward, that INTERNATIONAL/out of North America early bird will run until June 30, to allow for the message to reach everyone.  

Hotel Block space is almost full in the Marriott’s closest to the center where the room blocks are, so if you wish to stay there, we suggest booking rooms ASAP.  We have filled out two blocks already, and this is the most we can get in these anchor hotels.

All event and ticket info is on the web site and we look forward to seeing you and your team-  and with the 5 blocks, the team you will soon have in San Antonio.  This event will turn prospects into partners and leaders into Eagles!  Make it YOUR event so you can live the Nikken Dream.

See you in San Antonio!

Nikken International Field Convention Events Team 

October 22-25, 2015

San Antonio, Texas

May 21, 2015 Active Wellness Preview

Who do you know, living with these challenges?  


Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant
Viola McGee

About Nikken
Nikken brings back Nature into your HOME!  "It's a Greenhouse for the body". Advanced technology that delivers results, that people can see -- and feel.
·         Effective and Natural with NO Side-Effects
·         Increased Strength, Balance and Energy
·         Deeper and More Restful Sleep
·         Increase the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself
·         40 Years - Operating in 39 countries - Home Business in Wellness

What if drugs and surgery were not the only answer?

Many products to be displayed: Water, Sleep, Air, Insoles, Wraps, Wrist & Neck bands & more          

All GUESTS FREE- Nikken Consultants $5
Thursday Night, May 21, 2015
 7pm, 1 hour, Please RSVP:  place-time-date, may change!
In the "Brickyard Office Building"  Transformation Station of SLC
1111 E Brickyard Rd (3190 So) Room 109 or 202, Millcreek, Utah
Any questions 801-641-2753 Viola
Free Gift Certified for a Nikken massage!

Download Flyer - Word Format  or PDF Format

Friday, May 15, 2015

Monday Morning May 18, 2015 Ben Woodward Mentoring Call

Kim, Ben's Why!  Look At That Smile
Listen to Call  sorry for very poor connection

Monday Morning May 18, 2015  9 AM MDT, Ben Woodward Mentoring US.

Ben Woodward will inaugurate something exciting…Ben will help you kick off your week properly with a coaching call at 9:00 AM MDT every Monday!!! Call:  218-548-3988, Meeting ID: 83854#

This is Huge.  Take advantage!

Lets have some comments about this after the call.  What we learned, what will change for us and our Nikken Family?  Let every one know this is happening.

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 15 & 16, 2015 Humans Being More Training

Humans Being More in Sandy, UT. (Salt Lake City Area)


Event Information - Register Now
Type of Event:Training - 2 day Humans Being More      

Date:May 15-16

Time: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM MDT

Contact Information

Host:Dennis Estes


Host Phone:801-889-6662

Venue Information
VenueHyatt House - Sandy


Address:9685 South Monroe Street
Sandy, Utah, 84070

Click Link for Venue Information